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#234581 - Even at nineteen Kenny's cock was at least eight inches long, and Frannie immediately fell in love with that big love muscle, and from then on she considered it hers and hers alone! Kim was almost as happy with the news as Frannie was, and both girls giggled as Frannie related how Kenny had mumbled and stumbled through his proposal! Now it was time to make some wedding plans, so they decided it would be a good idea to check out some wedding gowns. Anne Fischer then told Frannie that she would require a number of fittings before her dress was done. Anne then told Frannie that when she dressed a woman she did it all the way, that is shoes, stockings, panties, bra, slip, and dress.

Read Gemendo Houkago no Seishorishitsu | 放學後的性處理室 - Original Stepfather Houkago no Seishorishitsu | 放學後的性處理室

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