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#204835 - Everything being ready, the lovely Duclos installed herself upon her throne and began thus: There is nothing more untrue than to say money acquired through crime brings no happiness. He presented me with a great ugly behind covered with skin as tough as bull's hide and as wrinkled as a dried leaf; the task here was to knead his ass, to handle it, drub and thump it, squeeze it with all my strength, but when I reached the hole, nothing I did seemed sufficiently violent: I had to catch up the skin, rub it, pinch it, roll it between my fingers, use my nails, and it was thanks only to the vigor of my ministrations his fuck finally emerged. I resolved to embroil husband and wife in some kind of difficulty, to strive to get both of them imprisoned, and in this way removing some of the obstacles between the child and myself, I fancied I would encounter no trouble in luring her into the snare.

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Eriko kuraishi
The lingerie collar and cuffs are so hot
Levy mcgarden
Teacher of magic
Mai natsume
Loved your facial expression when the buttplug was going in so hot