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#35053 - You sit in the hotel bar, with your boss and the rest of your team mates, enjoying champagne, celebrating the closure of your business deal. You move from one breast to the other, driving me crazy with lustful passion. ‘You’re the newest member of our team but you have worked hard, and as the closure of the deal, you get a generous bonus…’ You watch you team mates cheer, as your boss dangles a room key in front of your face, you look puzzled ‘I already have a room for the night??!!??’ Your team mates giggle quietly, nudging each other, your boss replies ‘an upgrade in room is just part of your bonus; you’ll find the other part of your bonus in the room…’ You enjoy a few more drinks, all of you talking, laughing and joking around.

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Sayla mass
Wow good camouflage
Suzaku kururugi
Is she really a korean