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#68083 - While Lorraine and Liz stood either side of his groin and took it in turns to hit his erection as hard as they could with small leather-ended paddle whips they’d found in Charlotte’s suitcase, Jess sat astride Kim’s head, her pussy grinding into his face. Each of the friends took their jeans off and, one by one, bent over in front of him, spreading their arse cheeks, and offered him their arseholes to lick. “You remember what happened when the anal balls were pulled out of his arse back at his owner’s house? Do you think he could withstand you pulling Lorraine’s knickers from his arse right now, Jess?” The other three girls had forgotten that Lorraine’s knickers were still knotted and stuffed far into Kim’s anus but they all grinned in anticipation know that Sally had reminded them of them.

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Momoko hanasaki
I would love to get a hold of that hair
Lunar edomae
Nazuna hiwatashi
Bitch is good
What did the room smell like