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#195959 - Along the side of one field there was a log which they sat on to throw sticks for me to fetch, l came back with one stick and Simon told me to bend over the log because l was going to get the fucking of my life and took his cock out, it looked a lot bigger from the first time, l bent over the log and the tail was ripped out my love-hole and Simon’s cock took its place he thrust his cock deep inside me and let out ‘oww, fuck’, Jeremy not wanting to be left out stood in front of me and rammed his cock into my mouth, l was getting my first roasting and l was loving it, if l could have screamed l would have done. In the kitchen he backed me up against the wall and we began kissing his hands gripped my bum cheeks squeezing them like melons ‘nice arse darling’ he told me, l unbuckled his trousers and slid my hand into his pants Norman had quite a nice size cock for his age but he wasn’t going to fuck my man-pussy as that belonged to my master plus l think my master didn’t want me fucked bec

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