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#30661 - when she came back down stairs kim arrived home too, hi mommy have you had a nice day? yeah yeah i had a very nice day, how was yours? it was good, ta what did you get up too? lisa paused for a moment i'll tell you later, did you get what you wanted in town? ooohh that sounds interesting, yeah i got some new bits and pieces, come on tell me what did you do, did you get a birthday lay? kim said giggling something like that her mother replied, i'll tell you later i promiose wow look at you getting your freak on, im happy for you if thats what you did, you know you can tell me anything, mom yeah i know and i will i promise,and you know you can tell me things too? dont i always? well yes but in detal if you ever wanted too ahh mom, if i did that your hair would turn white no no it really wouldnt and i would feel closer to you if you did ever want tell me anything like that. lisa smirked into her coffee, another one? she laughed, i may

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