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#92510 - After being absent for over half an hour Shelly appeared through the bedroom door and removed the duct tape and her used panties from my mouth and lifting my head she pushed one of the Viagra tablets we had bought a few weeks back into my mouth then allowed me to drink from a bottle of chilled water, when I had swallowed the little blue tablet and drunk enough she pushed the dirty panties back into my mouth and again taped over my lips, and as if this was not enough she pulled from her clothes draw a black silk scarf and blindfolded me, she then took hold of my cock and instantly got me hard as she jerked me she told me she was going out for a couple of hours but not to worry as her sister Kelly would be here in a minute or two to look after me, I was I shock, her sister Kelly was Like Shelly, Kelly was about the same build as Shelly but the main difference was Kelly was pregnant being gagged I could not voice my worries about the humiliation of being bound gagged & naked in the bedr

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Arisu fujisaki
This is awesome
Azusa noyama
She can fuck me any fucking time
Hakuya mitsumine
She is not darina she has different tits