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#396507 - Anyways, it was Wednesday and I was watching some stupid shit on TV bored out of my fucking mind, fading in and out of the show playing, while sipping my beer, sending an icy chill down my throat and sending me back to reality each time. Our tongues invading each others mouths and throats, exchanging each others spit, this went on for several intense minutes before I broke the kiss to say Stop teasing just fuck me already!, I helped him line up his dick to pussy, since it was his first time, after it was in, his strokes started slow and hard, as picked up speed, his thrust's became fast and hard, as he was fucking me like a beast, he leaned forward and started playing with my breasts, twirling his tongue around my nipple and pinching the other, the rougher he got, the closer I came to an orgasm of a lifetime, he started to bite on my left nipple, which had sent me over the edge, leaving my back arching and my whole body shuddering, whilst Tommy threw in one massive thrust and I

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