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#42580 - Tight no knikers and bra she seld I got meeting with my boss miss barnes thay went to sleep. Linda and tom was left alone to get ready for school thay got in car thay did sum small talk tom look at linda she was in a world of her own she and a nasty smile on her face thay got to school he went to his mates she went to her office she sat down she felt horny tom went to his frist lesson he was talk to his mates his maths teacher told ever one to be quite tom didn't hear he carry on talking teacher told him stop talking tom didn't and teacher shout tom gave him a note seld give it to the headmistress and he walk to her office and knock the door she seld cum in he walk in he turn round and shut the door linda was stareing at his ass and a picture pop in her head of tom naked and his tight ass she shake her head tom walk over to desk gave her the note she open it up and read it. Pull her knickers down that when her cock was out in the open she lean over his back whisper in his ear say she

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Tomoyo daidouji
What a wonderful body she has
You have an amazing body i would love worship you with my toungr