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#68368 - Then, in a softer voice, Hermione said she truly hoped they would succeed in their quest because she didn't know what would happen to Ron's family, and the other members of the Order of the Phoenix, and to their friends at school, and even to people like Harry's aunt and uncle, or to her parents - her voice breaking then - who only knew the wizarding world existed through them, and to the other Muggles, who remained blissfully ignorant of the magical world. Harry rose slightly, supporting his weight on his elbows, so that he could watch Hermione's lovely mouth sliding up and down his length, stopping occasionally to plant a soft kiss against the mass of tangled black hair at his base or to tease the tension from his balls with her tongue. He thought perhaps he should leave, so that he wouldn't embarrass Hermione, but he also thought he should offer her comfort.

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