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#77047 - For the last five years he worked like a dog to climb the company ladder as well as buy a new expensive house for his young wife, but the one sacrifice they had made was the putting off of having any children. Hank was a man on a mission and already he was a partner in the firm he joined out of college. As Apie finished setting the table, the front door burst open and Hank strode into the dining room, his handsome face glowing with excitement! Great news, his deep voice boomed, I got the Exeter Steel account, we've finally made it!!! Apie knew what this meant, that they could start their family!!! She ran to Hank, leaped into his arms and gave him a big hug and said softly in his ear, Now we can start out family, Hank!!! The two of them side by side looked like Mutt and Jeff, with Hank standing a towering six feet four inches tall, while Apie had to stretch to reach five feet two! Scooping his wife up in his powerful arms, Hank carried her up the stairs to their bedroom, w

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