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#39719 - Cranston wasn't an unattractive woman, probably fifty years old or so, but Alan was a little puzzled by it all and asked, Why me, and why this, you're a good looking woman, you don't have to do this to get a man!?! My reasons are my own, Mr. Ross and have a seat, she said while nodding her head at the empty chair next to her desk, how may I help you!?! After sitting down, Alan fumbled with his paper and said, You gave me a C on my term paper and I really feel that I deserved a much better grade, I worked hard on this paper and I know it's better than C work!!! Really, she asked, let me see it please!!! Alan handed her the paper and watched anxiously as she skimmed through it, hoping that she would immediately see that she had made and error and give him the grade he deserved, but much to his chagrin she replied, I see no reason to change your grade, this is C work if I've ever seen it, so don't waste my time with your mewling begging!!! He s

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