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#111082 - The conversation went from ‘How you doing?’ To you’re the one I’d like to be screwing, As we really started to turn up the heat, I could not help start stroking’ my meat, She said she was so wet she was starting to drip, I tell you people my mind was starting to flip, It got past the point of no return, Something inside was starting to burn, I said ‘Hey girl there’s no turning back,’ You and me should be in the sack, I suggested we should get together, You know I’d come out in any weather, Just when I thought there was a chance, And I should get up and put on my pants, The girl told me she had to book, Her husband came home and she has to cook, So instead of the one that I’d be banging, She turned out to be the one to leave me hanging. I started a chat with a girl online, Hoping to have me a really good time, Things started out pretty slow, Just some small talk after we said ‘Hello,’ After a while we picked up the pace, After my thoughts started to race, I starte

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