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#174514 - The boys lost all control, their normal morals went out the window, they were like starving rabid dogs kept from food for weeks then thrown a carcass, They ripped off there clothing even before they got to the bathroom, like a scene from a rom com their clothes where scattered all along the hallway, They had breached the taboo, and now they wanted to explore each other in every way possible, They knew they had all night to enjoy the pleasure of each others bodies, But like those rabid dogs they wanted it all now, They had been starved of each other for so long, at last all those dreams and fantasies could become reality and neither of them wanted to wait a minute longer to bring them to reality, Scott was on cloud nine, in all those dreams and fantasies, He was always going to be the one to take things forward, He would seduce Ben, he would wank him then just before he came he would take his cock in his mouth and suck him to completion. Scott gagged as he engulfed his brothers c

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