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#405840 - Of her throat he seld yes yes bitch take my cum he came in her mouth she swallow it. He seld I go get tea sorted and he left hour later he shout tea ready thay sat down and eating there meal mike drop a bit of food on floor he sis got up to clean it up Mike look down his sister was on her kness clean the floor he rember watch porn of dom and sub he was thinking if his sis was a sub he got up after he eaten and went to his room and got his pjs on about 11 30 at nite he went down stair his sister was watching tv he went to his sister seld take your top of she seld get lost u perv he got mad he seld bitch get to bed now it shock her how he spoke to her she got up went up stair now he new she a sub he lock up turn lights of went up to his sister room look at her seld tomoz u wil clean the kitchen floor she look up and seld ok I wil she look fear of him she cud feel herself get wet he cud tell she getting turn on he look at her seld bitch get over here and suck my cock. He was cooking he

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