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#128498 - And fucked him back I wanted him inside me as deep as he could go. I stood up as he zipped his pants I thought we were done but I guess we weren’t he turned me around so I was resting against the same display a display that held huge TVS he undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles pulling down my panties with them his mouth found my crotch a wave almost electric coarsed throughout my body I wave of heat rose to my neck and face. Stroking him a few times, as Michael continued to rub my crotch through my pants I too had on lounge pants I pulled the waist band of my pants away from my body and allowed his hand to find my hot wet pussy his fingers felt so great he ran his fingers over my lips and over my clit before putting his fingers inside me he went slow at first and than faster by this time I had Michaels pants pulled down so I had total access to it leaning over as Michael continued to finger fuck me I put his cock between my lips running my tongue over the head before

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Hina ichigo
Great i love it female bodybuilders deserve to be on top during sex
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