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#401044 - “God I’ve wanted this all day” she whispered, lowering her pout lips towards my tool, she spit messily on the head, teasing it slightly, letting a small string of saliva run down from her lips, she began circling slowly with her tongue on the head of my dick, and then running it down to the base she breathed in deeply with pleasure, devouring my cock with her eyes as well as her tiny mouth, “you think you can get all of it down your throat this time” I grunted as she cupped my balls and slid her mouth over my thick shaft, she moaned incoherently as I pushed her hair away as I watched her swallow as much of it as she could, she was so beautiful, and I loved watching her suck in every inch, each time she slid her mouth down my now rock hard member I forced her head down a little more and slowly started bucking my hips. My heart thundered in my chest as we waited in silence for the lift to arrive, Diane said nothing, making me wonder if she was just teasing me, and that now that she was

Read Femdom Porn ラムダリリス、太歳星君とはんなまする - Fate grand order Street ラムダリリス、太歳星君とはんなまする

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