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#286568 - I apologized for being rude so I striped but I still had Emily’s juice on my dick so Helen and Joe saw this so I called Maggie and Emily downstairs, they came but they had had cum on their faces “what have u been doing?” I said to my daughter who looked ho hot with girl cum on her face, “there just having fun” Helen said ”yes dad were just having fun, kind of like the fun that u and me just had” I blushed at that then suggest we wait for my wife to come home and wait to continue. Her and her parents were nudists, Emily knew they were coming over she came down stairs but naked, and dragged her friend up stairs and they started talking about what just happened between me and her, I was downstairs with Maggie’s parents. u should have let me be on top so it wouldn't have hurt u so much just then I heard a car pull up.

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