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#216169 - She smiled darkly good with that she stood up on the sofa with o e leg either side of where slut was tied, pulling aside her panties she began to piss all over my slave. Honestly who do you think they will believe, you a rundown teacher, who is claiming that I, a grade A student with a whole class full of witnesses talking about how you abused a girl in front of all of us? She stammered but. This little whore here has the pleasure of being my little fucktoy for the foreseeable future, and I was wondering whether you wanted a crack at her, you can be as rough as you like? Both girls looked stunned for a second, the Jess ran forward and hugged me, thank you Callum you have made my day with that she turned to the whore and grabbed both her nipples, stretching them as far as she could away from her body.

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