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#240166 - Earlier in the day I had taken him to the spot and told him to be there hiding in the bushes at about when I thought we, her and I would show up! I had all of my usual stuff cord duct tape! This was the second time I got to hug kiss and feel her up! Several days earlier when she hit on me had gotten in my car in the local super market parking lot, slid over next to me made sure no one was watching grabbed my cock and kissed me! This time it was dark and she was wearing no bra had unbuttoned her blouse which allowed met easily squeeze her bare tits and kiss her back! I had done similar things, parking with my wife out in the woods numerous times and had the things I needed ready! I would use small sections of tissue folded over her eyes and duct taped so she could not see anything! At first she was giddy with excitement, then I removed her blouse leaving her topless, after this she became quite now realizing that she was in for who knows what? Normally I would not drive around wit

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