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#325293 - I saw, when he took of his pants, What a huge dick he has I couldn't wait a second more To take it up my ass I lowered my pajamas And my black thong as well I felt like I was a big slut, A cute but bad rebel There was no time to think about What we were about to do All I wanted at this point Was a good anal screw I got what I had asked to get The guy took all his gut And stuck his giant rock-hard cock Deep down inside my butt He fucked my ass, kept spanking me I moaned as loud as hell I screamed, talked dirty, spanked him back Couldn’t surpress to yell: “Dear God, what are you thinking of? I am not made of glass! Now get your dick ready to roll And slam it up my ass!” The guy did what he had to do And nailed me from behind ‘Twas the best feeling in the world He really fucked me blind! Just minutes after our good start He couldn’t wait no more “Come here”, he yelled, “I need your face You dirty fucking whore” Just in time, I had just

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Ryouko mikado
Whats her name
Chiri tsukikawa
I really wished that dildo was my dick after this hentai i would love to fuck all 3 of your holes