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#95859 - Daz stood before her naked and felt himself getting hard just at the sight of his wife who resembled the dominatrix that he so often fantasised about but hadn't ever mentioned to his wife. Mj led Daz to the centre of the room and the grabbing the chain close to the collar pulled him back to a standing position. Mj had begun to laugh quietly to herself and muttered something like this is going to be fun Daz stood up to protest but as he stood Mj circled behind him and pushed him face first onto the bed.

Read Spying MINERAL WATER - Kuroko no basuke Pickup MINERAL WATER

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Freyja wion
Rosie you really are the best dom in the world just perfect for little alena funny i just got the strongest hankering for some pancakes
Akai haato
This is fantastic made me wet