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#193614 - The second fantasy John explained he wanted me to fuck Ann while he fucked me, do you think Ann would agree, I asked, John said “I believe so; she acts like a whore in bed, her cunt is always hungry, with your young cock getting rock hard quickly you'll satisfy her lust. John seemed captivated by my openness, I knew he wouldn’t comment about our conversation to my parents, then John asked me would I allow him to see what my knickers I wearing” he commented “I bet you like fucking great in panties”. John put his hand on my knee underneath the table and began questioning me, “Did I like girls, did I have a girlfriend”, then he asked me out of blue “What type of boys underwear did I like wearing”, by now I knew what his intentions where, I didn’t take offence, so I answered honestly, I hope I won’t shock or surprise you John”, but I like wearing skimpy briefs that resemble a pair of girls knickers, I love the feel of the material and its soft lightweight, I love the skimpiness and the r

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What is ver name
Suzuna kuraki
Is this an inflatable doll
Shuuichi akai
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