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#251011 - Ali where is your French work? Ali: oh um I left it in the car shit sorry we could just use yours? Me: yeah thats cool I don't mind I've jus got to run to my room to get it After running to my room I decided i would get changed look and smell good so i said to ali Me: make yourself at home I'm just gunna grab a shower and change Ali: hey brad can I sit in your room? Me: of course just come on up By then I was already in my tight boxers with nothing else on when ali came in the room he was a little startled to see me like this and I said I was sorry but I'm pretty open with my self so hope he didn't mind he just stared at my chest and six pac but i was tensing but you could notice so so anyway I entered the bathroom got washed up and got back to my room which when i went in ali was on my xbox looking though a memory stick i left in by mistake and there were pictures of me naked and there was some of my friend Nathan messing around when

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