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#15480 - Without saying a word, she again took his cock into her hands and began to lick and suck him clean again. She was nothing like the skinny cheerleader he had been banging with her loose dry pussy and tiny tits with even tinier nipples; this was a WOMAN, a real woman! And to think she had sucked his cock and swallowed without gagging! Oh yeah, we would come back and see if he could get her to let him suck and fuck her again and if he was really lucky she just might suck his cock again and swallow. He inserted a finger deep into her wet cunt and began stroking her while he licked and nibbled her cunt and clit, she hunched his mouth and continued her oral assault on his magnificent cock, sucking it down her throat running her tongue around and up and down the magnificent cock as she nibbled gently on the huge mushroom head.

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