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#67914 - When I saw the guys being to slow, I asked them who was keen to try some water sports, a few smiles told me to head out towards the showers, as I did several guys followed, and quickly took aim as I knelt down, streams of hot piss washed the cum from my body, as I sucked on some to drain them fully, then turned and told a few to piss in my arse, again gallons of piss flowed as more guys joined in, the ones watching enjoyed the show, and also showered me in piss, a quick shower and we headed back to play. Stu was how taking two cocks, both buried deep in his cum soaked butt, a third face fucking him, more guys watched, not wanting to miss out, I pulled a big cock towards me and told him to dp me, laying on the one in me the big cock slipped in and took my arse for a good fucking, my anal orgasm now flowing nicley. I kept them both going, before one set the other off and two fresh loads filled my to over flowing, as thier cocks dropped out, I sat over the guy under me and dropped th

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