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#232277 - She hesitated, but I told her again to try it, she did, then my finger slipped in easier still as her butt relaxed,with a bit more lube, the second finger followed, as she went wild in her first anal orgasm, my tongue still on target, helped her stay high, as once more I siad sniff the poppers, this time the thinner dildo slipped up her butt, this sent her crazy, bucking around it was hard to stay on her clit, but I knew she loved the feeling, so I held on tight for the ride. When we arrived home, I told Pauline to get ready for some more fun,then I went into the bathroom and used the douche, cleaning myself for today adventures. I gave one good push, I went down close to her elbow, my hand wanking my cock, as I rode her arm, my balls once more ready to empty, I moved towards her mouth more, aiming right in.

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