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#318072 - I glanced at the window, it was still dark, when I looked at the clock it was almost 2 am, shhh rebel they will hear is rebel was still licking but also whining, I said here boy come in here and pulled the cover back, when he got in bed with me I covered him over to muffle the whines. After dinner I took him for a long walk in the near by woods, this seemed to tire him out, we went home and my parents must have been talking about us, dad said right son rebel can sleep in the kitchen floor I have put a blanket down for him, I was not happy, abut I stammered, I thought he could sleep in my room, I don’t think so son just in case, awe please dad please. I knelt up so I could get a better look and grip on him, so while I was pumping my hand over his pink veiny cock I didn’t notice his nose getting closer to my cock, I felt his cold tongue for the first time, it lapped over by balls which back then were nice and firm, it felt wonderful so I turned a little to give him access to my balls a

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