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#385102 - Later on at night Zayn finally decided he wanted to fuck me and already had my pants unbuttoned and my panties down and before you know it no forplay nothing just slaps on his condom because he is one of them nice clean boys and just wacks it in me lying on top of me pounding into me not putting any effort at all I just laid there and took the pounding thinking about how much I want his sister after having her my love for Zayn has for some reason moved to Flick and just cant bother to get any enjoyment from my boyfriend’s dick anymore I don’t know what his sister has done to me am I a lesbian now or am I bisexual I could like dick and pussy just not like my boyfriend. Our kissing increased and I felt Flick lead my hand to her pussy it was so warm wet and juicy my fingers sank right into her love hole I could sense the difference in her orgasmic attitude when I began to move my fingers inside her she started drifting her attention from me for a bit and laid back on to the toilet and s

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