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#328881 - When the time came to get to the actual roasting Genme picked Ranma up and threw her over his shoulder then headed to the backyard with Soan, Kuno and Akane following close behind, when they reached the backyard Genma dropped Ranma onto a picnic table cuaseing her to fall flat on her chest with her hands still bound behind her back, with Ranma in this possition both of her legs were bound to the legs of the table, while Soan went to get the spit. Ok ill train with you Akane said and she stripped off her clothes to match nakedness with Ranma, Now were both nude Akane added as she started to throw punches and kicks at Ranma who could only defend herself, Akane was wrapped up in a furry in her attacks on Ranma, Akane what’s gotten into you Ranma said still fending off the furious blows unable to attack for herself, What’s gotten into me is what there gonna put into you in a little while Akane replied, Why you so upset about it? Ranma asked, Why am I so upset about it??, the

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