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#59106 - Drake, she replied, and if there isn't anything else, I have those letters from last evening to get out, so if you'll excuse me!!! Cord watched as the cute little ass of his secretary disappeared behind the closing door while he picked up his paper and started to read!!! While maybe there hadn't been anything special going on that day, there was still a lot to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all finished! Buy four o'clock Drake was just plain beat from the hours he spent on the phone talking with clients and the countless requests from his own staff to make a myriad of decisions that directly affected the direction of the company!!! After his last call, the intercom on Monica's desk lit up and the familiar voice from the inner office ordered, Come on in, Miss Barnes, and bring your pad!!! She picked up her dictation pad and went directly to his office and knocked softly and waited for him to let her enter!!! Come on in, a voice from inside y

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