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#414828 - They ordered takeout as they had planned seemingly a lifetime ago and settled down together to watch Netflix, as the evening dragged into night Tali lay with Julia, for the first time she could remember not only content with her life, but happy and excited for what the new day might bring, cuddled up to a woman from dreams she didn’t even know she had, engrossed in a film projected on a screen as big as she had ever seen, the sound system so well designed for the house that she believed she was in the film, it was an old one from nineteen eighty-seven, staring that woman from House of Cards. “You have no idea…” she said with a wolfish smile as she moved to sit opposite the older woman, pulling her plate towards her and starting to eat, “Mm! This is really nice. Julia raised an eyebrow delicately, “.

Read Women Fucking Wakasagihime to Nyuuryou - Touhou project Skirt Wakasagihime to Nyuuryou

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