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#179126 - They kissed and fell asleep, both naked, more or less cum covered, but happy and cuddled up to each other. She moved 2 times more down on him, got off him and turned around, he was eating her pussy now, while she licked her own cum from his cock, she licked the shaft and felt every vein sticking out of it, she again wrapped her lips around it , she felt how his tongue was going over her clitoris, massaging it, how he was nibbling on her pussy, she was about to have another orgasm, she sucked his cock, moved her head fast , she felt how he erupted in her mouth , shoot his load in there, the same time another orgasm wave run thru her body. She let his cum drip out of her mouth, over his cock, licked it off from there again and swallowed every drop of it; she loved the taste of his cum.

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