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#149206 - Glenda suggested we went into the bedroom where we would be more comfortable, when we got onto the bed Glenda opened her bedside cabinet & got out a 10 strap-on & told Susan to put it on & they would show me how they satisfied each other normally,she got on all fours & Susan pushed into her whilst Glenda put her head in my lap & started to suck my cock back hard which didn't take long,Glenda soon came & Susan got up from behind her & crawled up the bed & asked me to lick Glenda's juices off the stap-on,i hesitated at this & she told me that she'd sucked mine often enough & as i was wearing womens pants i should act a bit more like a lady,she pushed it against my lips & i licked the end & could taste Glenda's juices,that wasn't so bad was it?asked Susan,i told her Glenda's juices tasted nice ,well now you can lick my fanny she said lying down on the bed & taking off the strap-on & spreading her legs,i knelt between her legs & started to lick her,Glenda

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