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#403974 - Jack peeked out from underneath the covers at the digital clock on the night stand and moaned, Six thirty already, what a day I have ahead of me!!! He lay still for a couple of minutes before whipping back the covers and so he could hop out of bed! He was just making a move to leave when a soft warm hand grabbed his arm and the silky smooth southern accent came lilting from the other side of the bed, Jack, honey, you're not gonna run off with giving me some morning sugah are ya!?! He looked over his shoulder the tousled blonde hair of his beautiful young wife and pleaded, Not today, Cindy Lou, I've got to get to work, the boss wants to see me first thing!!! With one smooth motion, she peeled back her side of the covers and exposed her nubile naked body, with the slim hips and large firm breasts!!! Now, sugah, she whispered, can that mean old Mr.

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