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#349272 - I whispered to Jean that I wanted him in the stocks this time, and to David I said “Do everything your Mistress tells you, do not utter a sound and do not cause her any problems, otherwise you know what will happen!” Jane released him from his restraints, and led him to the stocks which she had first taken her place and placed him in the same position. We had been doing this for about five minutes when I began to feel a sort of boiling in my little balls and it was spreading up my prick, I got very excited and started to pump quicker and suddenly I had that feeling that I was peeing inside her again, she held me tight to her so that I couldn’t get my prick out. “He’s ready” she said leading her over to the offered boy-bum, which the dog gave a good licking, before mounting.

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Por lo que veo a el tambien le gusta que le den por el culo jejeje
Queen of sheba
Love how she got the camera power shot
Pamiat merkuria
Bro i lowkey laughed so hard