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#69149 - I was always having a conversation with the men who fucked my mother, they were always asking if I enjoyed watching my mother being fucked, I told them I did enjoy watching her, they also asked if I had fucked my mother, when I told them no I hadn't, they would ask if I wanted to fuck her, when I told them I did, some encouraged me to fuck her, others just patted me on the head and said, you want to be a mother fucker. Please mom I begged, No it’s definitely not going to happen, now shut up and stop asking me, my mother angrily screamed and then screamed now leave me alone both of you get out of my bedroom. If I let you fuck me, you do know that I will have to keep fucking those men so I can pay the rent and bills, my mother says.

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Sole survivor
Glash braking up in my chest and im like fucc it till the paton gets victory ha ha uk roks
Gaku yashiro
Thanks darling so happy to bring you pleasure