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#257817 - Jay Casey and Kelly all walk in to Jay's appartment drunk after the party Jay: man that was some party Casey: hell yeah your telling me Jay: alright hey i need a shower Kelly: have fun Jay goes and takes a shower for about 10 minutes after his shower he exits the bathroom into his room and hears a knock on the door Jay is dressed in shorts and an army T-shirt Kelly: Jay its Kelly Jay: come in Kelly enters the room and sits on the bed Kelly: hey jay can i ask you something Jay: whats up Kelly: have you ever had sex before Jay is silent Kelly: wait are you a virgin? Jay: yes Kelly: wow i didnt know i figured i mean with your looks you would have by now Jay: Nah Casey then enters the room in nothing but her black and blue polka dotted bra and her red panties Casey: Hey guys Kelly: Casey why the fuck are you in your bra and panties Casey: is there a problem with that Kelly: yes Casey: okay lets fix this problem Casey

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