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#256548 - For the first week or so that she was back at university she called several times a day to remind me to be faithful and to tell me how happy she was and how much she missed me, then one day she didn’t call so I tried to call her but got no reply just her voice mail, the next few days it were just the same, still no contact, then I saw our local paper that had the story on the front page telling of the vehicle accident that had taken the life of a prominent businessman’s only daughter, she had apparently been coming home at night to surprise someone, when her car was hit by a lorry that had crossed the central reservation she had died instantly they thought. “So what do you want to do now? stay here for a few drinks of go back to my place and shaft me silly” she asked ,”let’s do the shafting” I answered, and so it was that we made it into the car park and into her MX-5 sports car, top of the range it looked to a untrained eye such as mine, my own car being a rather beat up 8 year old pa

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