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#370029 - Samantha said, “Oh yes! We have fucked ourselves with the tiny bats and candles! The clothespins have been clamped to our nipples for at least two hours!” Betty said, “It seems to be all we can stand!” Samantha said, “Some of the items have been in both of our pussies too!” Betty said, “Especially the double-ended dildos! We kind of enjoy using them together it’s like I have a real cock and can fuck my daughter while she fucks me!” Samantha said, “It’s great!” Finally I said, “Wow! You girls sure surprise me! I would have never thought that you two would be selling stuff like this! Why don’t you sell it on the Internet?” Betty said, “I’m not sure that I want some strange pervert buying it!” I replied, “You don’t know me!” Samantha said, “Maybe not but we got to see you and size you up first!” Betty said, “Yes and besides if we didn’t like you we wouldn’t sell anything to you!” Samantha said, “Hell I wouldn’t have held up the sign in the first place and we

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