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#401219 - When he arrived at the apartment, his nostrils were filled with the aroma of supper cooking on the stove, and when he entered the kitchen, he found Jack hard at work trying to coordinate the various dishes he was preparing. What was left staring him in the face, was Eric's hard penis encased in a pair of frilly lace pink panties! Jack groaned out loud and let his hands roam all over the front of Eric's panty encase crotch, paying special attention to the seven inch piece of gristle that was trying to poke free from the flimsy nylon! You like, asked Eric mischievously!?! Oh my god, Jack moaned, you always know just what I like! Rub your face on it, ordered Eric, feel my pecker with your cheeks! Mmmmmmmm, yes, hummed Jack, while he slid his face all over the front of Eric's panties! A large wet spot had appeared where Eric's cock head ended, and Jack used his tongue on that, savoring the taste of the precious precum. He really wanted to surprise Jack, be


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