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#104331 - About a week later Ray had to go away for awhile, the days were long and weighted and my heart ached for his return, I had a friend at school named Jake he was funny and smart and sexy but and till this very day ray is still hotter and sexier than any guy I have ever met, but when I was with jack it didn’t hurt as much that Ray was gone, so me and Jake started going together, we had done everything but fucked he had fingered and licked me, I had sucked and jerked him off but we just could find enough time alone together to actually have sex and the school holidays were coming up and so was Jake’s birthday his parents were planning to go to New Zealand for two weeks and Jake had the house to himself for the two weeks so we had it planed out for weeks I was going to give him a birthday gift to remember. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, aaaaaaaarhhhhhhhh, arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh Fluffy stop you’re hurting but he didn’t kept thrusting and thrusting deeper and harder and just when I thought I could take i

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Makoto kino
We deserve more hentais with eva
Aoi matsubara
She looks quite tasty
Sora hasegawa
I wanna be your toy
Gave a perfect lesson how a nice horny ride should be on a cock well done