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#178392 - Bad for my health and all that, you know it’s not like I get to meet you every day and eat a pizza everyday” I just smile and nod “I understand how you feel, it’s the times that you can spend alone that makes a date more special” There is a glitter in her eye as she lean forward “So is this a date Mr Donovan? I smile “You can bet your sexy ass it is one” She looks pensively at her pert rear clad in those short shorts “Do you really think it’s sexy?” Her little girl’s voice just makes me smile warmly at her “One of the sexiest I have ever seen” Her smile is warm and genuine, but quickly disappeared when an obviously drunk guy almost fell over her “Hey there sexy…why don’t you drop that zero…and get with this hero” I almost burst out laughing “I’m sure I can rock your world” I tap his arm and he turn to face me “Dude I’m talking with the bitch” “Well if you weren’t completely drunk and making a scene of yourself you would’ve realized I w

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Sumire hoshino
She s gets a good fucking
Matsurika shinouji
That was fucking beautiful holy hell i seriously appreciate moments like that both seeing and experiencing it