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#57266 - I reached for his soft cock, fingering it in thanks for our religious experience. I was nervous all day, primping, dressing…not fully dressed!…you know…”barely” dressed… and then it was afternoon, school was out and I was off to the church for a little more confessing. It was so natural…a cock and a cunt…a dog’s cock and a girl’s cunt…but it seemed our bodies were made for this…it was tickling me and teasing…I wanted his cock deep…squeezed my leg forcing another thrust…it was all so beautiful on the porch that afternoon…my cunt being stroked as I flexed my leg on his body…it was like we were designed for this moment and I felt him slip deep inside and spurt and release in me…splashing me with his sperm.

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You two are so much fun
Isaac foster
This is so fucking hot where did you get your corset top my wife loves it
Love those tits