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#56945 - Well if you ever want to repeat it just say my son and my cock will be yours anytime, well dad mum is on nights three nights next week how about every night then, “O” my god I said I have created a sex monster well you can wear me out anytime my son anytime,. I wanted to last a while so took my cock from his eager mouth and told him to lay back on the bed and as he did I knelt down beside the bed lent over and took his cock into my mouth, Oh Fuck dad he said that's better than anything I have ever dreamed off I can tell you, I took his whole length as he had done mine and I started to give him the best blow job he had ever had, I cupped his balls into my hand and played with them , James was now breathing very hard and saying yes yes yes dad that's wonderful Oooooo yes then he said sorry dad I can not hold back much longer. Then he started to kiss up my body and as he came up he kissed my stomach and up my chest and took a nipple into his mouth licking and flicking it

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Yuka takeuchi
That is raven pissing not squirting i mean really