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#142011 - Over the next few days Joe got Kim ready for the pony using his dog and fisting her he believed she was ready so on the Friday we went to the stable where the stallion was sniffing the on heat mare and baring his huge cock Joe was wiping the mares fanny with a rag , he allowed the stallion to keep sniffing the mare before he removed her and was left with just the stallion , Joe placed a bench under the stallion and told Kim to lay on it with her cunt facing his cock Joe then rubed the cloth over Kims cucnt which in turn gave the stallion a bigger hard on , I held him still as Joe got kim ready to accept the huge dome cock.

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Kobeni yonomori
Thank you so much
Tsugumi hazawa
Eating her holes from back
I am on it right now its back in the us anyway
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Valeeuuuu s2