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#256410 - As I went to dress he said no not until we were back upstairs and so I followed him upstairs cum dripping of my cheeks and out of my pussy as we got to the entrance he gave me my jeans and tshirt no underwear and we left. My eyes were on stalks each side of the corridor were single person cabins with a seat and a tv playing proper hardcore porn as we went along an old guy about 55+ came out of 1 of the cabins still wanking his quite large hard cock, I didn’t mean to but I just stared open mouthed at his cock he saw me look then looked at my man and smiled then walked off behind another curtain at the end. We cant leave till ive taken care of you can we sweety, he took me by the hand and lead my through the other curtain and down some steps which lead to a small very dark corridor a curtain at 1 end with a bit of light from a tv and another room of to the right with no lights in atall except when my man pulled back the curtain from the tv room I noticed a cushioned bench about 4 ft

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