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#136616 - We went over to their table and she introduced me to Steve and he smiled and said, We have decided to try and spice our sex lives up a bit and after a lot of convincing, I finally convinced her to pick up a stranger and suck his cock in my truck while I watch and it looks like you are who she has picked! Now, I realized that this was a first time experience for them both and I needed to let her take the lead and not pressure her too much! We sat there and I could feel her hand rubbing my cock through my pants and I reached under the table and felt her pussy. I began to stick my cock inside her pussy and Lisa moaned, Steve, the head of his cock is entering my pussy, it's so big baby and it feels so fucking good! I pushed in a little further and Lisa responded, Baby, his cock is going further in to me, do you like this Steve? Lisa stuttered. Yes Steve, he's fucking my tight pussy, it feels soooo good! I pushed my cock all the way in and Lisa gasped as my cock wa

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