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#226983 - the rest of your family seem to love you. when i arrived out side i knocked on the door to be meet by harvey's mom i said good morning to her and asked if harvey was awake so i could get my car keys off him she said no sorry leon he is still asleep your welcome to go try wake him up i took that invite and walked in i also said i was sorry once again for last night and she said dont be claire needed to be told but i could never stand up to her i looked at harveys mom and said mam my mom always told me the great weapon in a court room is silence she looked at me confussed but changed the subject she said to me do you remember where harvey's room is i said i think so pointing to a door i already knew was right. he looked amazing for just waking up anyway i asked him where my keys was, he took my keys from his side desk and put them in his boxer shorts then said with a devilist look come get them i smiled and closed my eyes at the same time.

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