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#150 - We started out in a clothes shop that sold dresses and pant suits and t-shirts then we headed to a few more shops buying some clothes for day to day wear before heading to the last shop for the day. Me: Thankyou driver for getting us back safely and for the weather warning about the storm coming tonight Bus driver: your welcome Mrs Walker Me: Please call me Melissa Bus driver: Certainly Melissa you and your daughter have a nice safe evening at home tonight Me: Thank you we will driver Bus driver: Call me John Me: Ok thankyou John you have a safe trip home as well see you next time good bye Bus driver: Thankyou Melissa good bye We got off the bus and started walking home as the bus doors closed and the bus drove away, we had a 10 minute walk home so we started walking we soon got to the park across the road from our house suddenly the rain started to come down heavier and we both got wet we ran to the house with the water dripping off us i fling the door open and we burst th

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